Thursday, March 22, 2007

2005 Ordinary Australians

In January 2005 I was part of a group show at First Draft with a great group of activist artists, in a show called "Looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction". The line up included Deborah Baker, Zanny Begg, Anna Belhalfoui, Diego Bonetto, David O'Donoghue, Christine Ho, Sari Kivinen, Joshua Parry, Brendan Penzer, Greg Shapley and Kami Smith.

It was one of those 'flash' exhibitions, so Diego and I after too much coffee came up with the idea of CACA: Concerned Alert Citizens Australia. Sari screenprinted some bags with the logo and Brendon produced the terror guide.

At Easter, Anna and I joined the convergence at the Baxter Detention Centre in South Australia. Anna filmed and I drew what was a really full on experience.
Each day, we'd march up to the gates of the centre and stand around staring and yelling and the hundreds and hundreds of police standing around staring back at us.
It was very odd. I blogged about extensively, but I found that at the time, drawing seemed to make sense as a sort of durational activity of bearing witness.

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